A focus on greener practices across all industries and a universal push to do business, and live our lives, in a way that is easier on the environment has led many companies and individuals to look into alternate ways and renewable energy companies to power their homes and businesses. Wise Business Plans is excited to offer increased support to green energy companies, such as wind farms, in 2020.

Percentage of Renewable Energy in America:

According to the American Council On Renewable Energy, and renewable energy companies, renewable energy accounted for nearly 40% of all new, domestic power capacity installed in 2019, making it not only a popular, environmentally sound choice, but also a growing industry ripe for expansion.” Most people recognize the need to protect the planet and do more to safeguard our natural resources for our children,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise, which creates custom business plans for small businesses and expanding companies in a variety of markets. “But it can be difficult to know where to start, especially when families are looking into making changes at home. Businesses that can help individuals and families convert to greener sources of energy, by helping other companies and alternative energy companies offer those forms of energy, are poised to find great success in the next few months and the coming years.”

Ferriolo said Wise can help by sharing up-to-date marketing data with clients and crafting individual roadmaps to success that include marketing strategies and strong financial planning.

“Business owners and individuals have the best of intentions when it comes to living and working greener, but they’re still in need of guidance, especially when it comes to choosing alternative sources of energy,” he said. “But they may not be fully aware of how much help they need, so creating an awareness of what your company has to offer can be one of the most vital parts of running an alternate energy consultation business, and Wise can help.”

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