Advantage of Solar EnergyAccording to, U.S. lawmakers recently surprised and delighted the solar energy industry with an unexpected agreement o extend tax credits for solar and wind for another five years, meaning not only a boost to the existing industry but a whole new growth cycle for renewable energy in general. Wise Business Plans, which provides planning, consulting and other vital support services to companies of all sizes around the globe, is stepping in in response to the announcement to help companies pivot quickly and make the most of the good news by delving into renewable energy market research and stepping up its support in that industry.

“This is absolutely huge, and it begins a process that will totally change the face of this industry and the ways that U.S. companies use power and resources,” said Joseph Ferriolo, Director of Wise.

According to, the extensions, combined, will result in more than $73 billion of investment and will supply enough electricity to power 8 million homes in the United States.

“This means not only a giant economic boost, but an entirely new market landscape,” said Ferriolo. “A new market landscape means new research and a deeper understanding of the needs of private and corporate energy customers.”

Ferriolo said Wise can not only help energy providers understand their changing market, but can also help other small business owners understand how to take advantage of the benefits of renewable energy.

“We want to help every client succeed, even in the face of change. In this case, it’s a wonderful, market-supporting change, and Wise will be with you, every step of the way.”

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