Wise Business Plans has become an industry leader in developing business plans of all types including investor business plans! “There is a big difference between a business plan that will be presented to a lending institution and one that will be given to a potential investor”, says Joe Ferriolo, Director of Wise Business Plans.  “Lending institutions like banks and credit unions give interest rates that are driven by primarily by credit.

Elements of Skills Required by Investor Business Plans:

Investor-grade business plans require an element of skill that engages the reader on a different level; a skill that we have been able to effectively integrate into our service model here at Wise”, says Mr. Ferriolo.  Mr. Ferriolo says there are some key components that each investor plan must contain.

Key Components that Each Investor Business Plans Must Contain:

  • Return on Investment Strategies:  Return on investment strategies that outline what the investor can expect to receive for their funding the project.  “In short, the investor has to see the value in what the investment will bring to them.  It’s our job to create a document that clearly communicates this and places the client in the best possible position to receive the necessary capital”.
  • Passion:  Passion is a key factor that prompts investors to infuse capital into a project.  If the document that they are reading does not effectively convey passion, the entire project could be in jeopardy.  “Our professionals have become fairly adept at capturing the passion of the concept and more importantly infusing it into the document”, says Mr. Ferriolo.
  • Research:  “Investors did not get in a position to invest just through chance.  These are people who are data-driven and they use this data to make calculated decisions; the more data, the more comfortable they feel investing”, says Mr. Ferriolo.  With that being said, Wise Business Plans infuses real-time data and market research into all their investor-grade business plans.  This research gives the investor a level of comfort and allows them to make an informed decision that is in the best interest of the parties involved.
  • Strong biographies:  “Let’s face it; an investor can read about the concept that the entrepreneur is pitching but at the end of the day, they want to know a little about the person they are investing in”, says Mr. Ferriolo.  The professionals at Wise Business Plans have the ability to develop compelling biographies that outline the qualifications of the entrepreneur and key staff members.

The investor business plans is a must when approaching potential funding or venture capitalist.  Plans like these can only be developed by professionals who have the ability to capture your vision and expertly translate it.  Let the professionals at Wise Business Plans handle all of your investor-grade business plans needs.  Visit wisebusinessplans.com or call 1-800-496-1056 to schedule a consultation.