The country is experiencing a fresh focus on products and produce that are crafted or grown close to home, with an emphasis on eating locally. One of the hottest trends in this movement is the use of local honey production for both medicinal and flavoring purposes; Wise Business Plans has noticed the buzz and is proud to announce that they will now be producing custom plans for small, independent honey producers.

Honey Production Business

“There is such demand for local and specialty honey production now, and beekeeping has become an increasingly popular urban activity,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise, which creates custom-crafted business plans for honey production companies of all sizes. “There’s just something luxurious and decadent about honey, yet it’s also a taste of home. There’s no wonder it remains a popular treat.”

But there’s more to the honey market than just its sweet flavor, he said. “Many allergy sufferers swear by local honey as a way to lessen their seasonal woes,” Ferriolo said. “And as a natural sweetener with a flavor of its own, it’s used to satisfy a sweet tooth instead of plain sugar.”

According to the Department of Agriculture, the market remains strong and is expected strong and is expected to continue its present pattern of growth.

But, as a specialty, niche industry, it takes careful planning to really thrive and grow as a honey producer.

“Many people look at bees, beekeeping, and honey-producing as almost a hobby business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With careful planning and a good marketing strategy, you can find sweet success.”