Wise Business Plans reaches out to employment companies in new core industries initiative for 2021

As the U.S. — and global — economy continues to travel the road to recovery, employment companies numbers are rising. According to investing research website Zacks.com, the staffing industry is not only benefitting from a surge in jobs but contributing to it, and one of the country’s leading business planning companies is committed to keeping that 2021 momentum going as part of its new Core Industries initiative.

“People tend to define ‘core’ companies and industries in obvious ways, focusing on the things that first come to mind,” said Joseph Ferriolo, Director of Wise Business Plans, which works with companies of all sizes across the globe. “We wanted to do our own research, identify industries we thought were crucial to the continued economic recovery and then reach out to companies looking to break into those markets.”

Forbes.com also identified staffing as an industry to watch, naming it one of the 10 Best Industries For Starting A Business In 2021.

The need for quality employees will continue to rise, said Ferriolo, meaning companies that can help businesses identify the right candidates will also be in demand.

“One employee can make or break the success of a small business,” said Ferriolo. “Staffing companies that help ensure other entrepreneurs as well as established business owners can find people worth relying on is vitally important, and we consider that the definition of a ‘core industry.’ We’re excited to offer specialized help to these companies in 2021.”