Artists often seem to live in a world they’ve created within their own minds, professional artists often seem to live untouched by the hardships others face, but the reality is, for many, that art is a business venture providing a livelihood. Having a framework for success is vital, and one planning industry leader has announced its intent to step up and assist artists in crafting successful businesses in 2020.

Our Thoughts about Professional Artists:

“We often think of professional artists as being above the fray, but they have bills to pay, too,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise Business Plans, which provides custom business plans for new and expanding companies. “The stereotype of the starving artist is a parody, not a life goal, and we want to help creative entrepreneurs find ways to succeed while still staying true to their vision.”

Just as there are many different kinds of art, often defined by the beholder, there are also many avenues to success for those who make a living being creative, Ferriolo said. But some parts of crafting a good business are simply universal.

“Every artwork needs a canvas, a framework or a supportive structure,” he said. “The same can be said of a business.”

Just as many writers create outlines for before sitting down to write a novel, so too must a company owner or sole proprietor plan ahead before building a functioning business. A solid, professionally written business plan serves as that foundation.

“Think of your financial success as one more masterpiece,” he said. “We can help you paint a picture that’s clear, with a vision potential investors will appreciate.”

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