Life is a string of large and small moments, some soon forgotten and some remembered forever, but of all the highlights of human experience, most people would say a wedding day is among those that absolutely must be documented. Wedding photos are not only a reminder to the couple, but keepsakes for generations to come; because of this, Wise Business Plans is happy to announce that the company is now preparing completely customized business plans for wedding and portrait photographers.

“Who hasn’t spent an afternoon lingering over a grandparent’s wedding album, looking into the young eyes of someone you only knew as old?,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise, which creates custom-crafted business plans for sole proprietors, as ell as new and expanding businesses of all sizes. “Wedding photos are a must-have, and one of the right of passage that are part of such a special day.”

But there’s more these days to wedding photography than just snapping a shot of the happy couple saying vows.

“People expect a truly personalized experience, with innovative and creative ideas from their photographer that make their photos stand out and say something about who they are together, as a couple,” he said. “This puts pressure on the photographer and requires time to research and compile concepts.”

Having a business plan can help even solo photographers have more time to focus on the creative.

“Every Wise plan includes a marketing strategy and in-depth market research,” Ferriolo said. “These two items can help photographers understand not only their client demographic, but the ways they can reach out to those clients. Doing this in advance and putting it down on paper means you don’t have to sit around worrying about marketing when you should be getting new ideas.

In the days of Pinterest and wedding photos that hit Facebook the day of the ceremony, real creativity is the best marketing, he said.

“Let us help you create a picture perfect business plan so you can do what you do best: take great photos.”

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