EB2 NIW Business Plan

Created to allow exceptionally talented employees from other countries to gain and retain employment in the United States, the EB 2 visa program is now open to entrepreneurs with businesses that offer benefits to the American economy. But proving your worth obtaining EB-2 status takes careful research and planning.

Entrepreneurs hoping to take advantage of EB 2 need to prove conclusively that the business they are proposing will benefit the American economy.  

National Eb2 NIW Business Plan Service Company

“Entrepreneurs hoping to take advantage of EB-2 need to prove conclusively that the business they are proposing will benefit the American economy, whether that’s through creating jobs or by offering new services and other exceptional contributions,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise Business Plans, which provides individualized, custom-designed EB2 NIW business plan for startups and expanding businesses. “It is crucial for these business owners to have a professional, carefully crafted EB2 NIW business plan.”

Wise understands the kind of in-depth research and planning required for such high-stakes planning, he said.

“From outlining job creation to crafting a marketing message that showcases the reasons why your business benefits the economy, we can help put you in a position to succeed in your quest to obtain EB-2 status.”

A strong EB2 NIW business plan is a vital step toward demonstrating that the services a business owner is offering are in the national best interest — just one piece of criteria necessary for participating in the EB-2 program as an entrepreneur.

“You know your business offers something worthwhile to the U.S. economy and stands out in your target market,” he said. “But a strong business plan is the best way — sometimes the only way — to show that to other people.”

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