Wise Business Plans launches revamped website

Planning industry leader Wise Business Plans is proud to announce the launching of its newly redeveloped website, live now at WiseBusinessPlans.com. The site is a culmination of months of preparation and research into how best to serve Wise clients.

The fully overhauled website will not only make it easy for clients to choose the right kinds of services and business plans for their companies, but also provide valuable opportunities to save and learn through Wise’s many corporate partners.

“We wanted to really turn our site into a destination and a toolbox for small business owners,” said Joseph Ferriolo, Director of Wise. “We are always sensitive to the needs of our clients, but we also wanted to offer something for those who happen to find the site before working with us.”

New offerings include a blog with tips and advice and a list of partners that offer special terms or deals to Wise clients. The site also details the company’s complete menu of graphic design options, including web and print packages.

“This was about multiplying our value and utility as we head into 2021,” said Ferriolo. “I really think we’ve accomplished that.”