Even on a rainy day, kids love to play, but finding options for getting all that energy out when it's storming outside can be difficult. This need to keep today's active, experience-hungry children learning and playing as often as possible has created a market for safe, fun indoor playplaces, and Wise Business Plans is proud to offer new support to this growing market in 2014.

From trampoline and "jump parks" to elaborate slide constructions built on top of soft, safe surfaces, indoor playgrounds have grown in complexity and value in recent years. They're now not only big fun but also big business.

"We want our kids to be happy, safe and healthy," said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise, a planning industry leader that works with companies of all sizes. "Safety factors can be harder to control outdoors, and there's always the uncertainty of the weather to contend with. This makes regular, outdoors playgrounds hard to base a business on. But clean, well-cared for indoor spaces can play host to a birthday party or after-school gathering in rain or shine, and the elevated quality of these kinds of entertainment spaces means parents are happy to pay a fee to assist in their upkeep."

But, like any other kind of company, building success with an indoor playspace requires careful preplanning and solid, extensive knowledge about the demographics in the area where you hope to house the facility.

"Parents are willing to drive to make their children happy, but only within reason," he said. "The plan writers at Wise have access to the very latest in market research and demographics, and we can help clients understand the best options for locating and running a play place."

Wise, he said, loves supporting companies that make children's lives better and offer them new learning and entertainment opportunities.

"We consider these kinds of clients a true win-win, and we're so excited to work with them in 2014."

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