Social media a $4.9 billion industry has become one of the fastest-growing tools and social media growth services in history.  The usages of these tools and services are nothing less than incredible on both a personal and business level with billions of users worldwide logging on to them each day.  From to and several points in between, social media has grown to become a vitally important component that drives day to day communications on a global basis.

“What I find to be most intriguing is the way it has started to impact businesses”, says Joe Ferriolo, Director of Wise Business Plans.  “There was a point in the not too distant past where businesses frowned upon social media and viewed it as nothing more than a fad.  Now, more than 94% of the businesses operating throughout the world have a social media presence of some type”, says Mr. Ferriolo.

Driven Social Media Growth Services Revenues During 2020:

With social media growth services becoming more and more prevalent, the competition is heating up.  “While we don’t foresee anyone overtaking or, we do see some opportunities on the horizons for professionals and businesses that have the ability to capitalize on them”, says Mr. Ferriolo.  “There are a variety of niches in this space that have yet to be tapped into.  While they may be small, they have big potential and our staff of professional business plan writers is positioned to assist them in all phases of business growth and development”, says Mr. Ferriolo.  Research conducted via shows that the social media industry projects to drive $4.9 billion in revenues during 2020.  The five year social media growth services projections from 2015 to 2020 are an astounding 27.1% which bodes extremely well for all prospective market entrants.  Social media business plans developed by Wise Business Plans are filled with innovative, leading-edge content that sets the client on a path to success.

Social Media Growth Services Plans Typically Come With:

  • Competitive Landscape:  The competitive landscape must be surveyed in order to give the client realistic expectations.  “This industry is growing but one move without understanding the competitive implications can in effect ruin a great business opportunity”, says Mr. Ferriolo.
  • Monetization:  Monetization is one of the hot button issues in the social media industry.  “The beauty of the business model is the organic growth fueled by free membership.  However, while this allows the communities to grow, what we find is that startups are not clear on how to drive revenues and profits”, says Mr. Ferriolo.  “We work side by side to help them understand how to monetize their business model and in the process, get the most out of their opportunity”.
  • Security:  “Security is another big issue that we are finding in the social media space.  While members are open to joining these websites, they are leery of the risks that are inherent with joining them”, says Mr. Ferriolo.  The professionals at Wise Business Plans are well versed in this area and can guide the client in how best to develop a destination that protects the best interest of the community being served.

Social Media and social media growth services are new, practical, and growing at an alarming pace and the professionals at Wise Business Plans have become experts at helping companies operating in this space.  When the time comes to develop your plan of action, let the professionals at Wise Business Plan handle all of your Social Media business plan needs.

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