April 2017 in the U.S. is being celebrated in music stores across the country and online, as a tribute to the jazz genre and the artists who have made it an American tradition. Wise Business Plans is pleased to partner with music business owners and online entrepreneurs to assist in garnering funding for business sustainability, expansion options and planning for the achievement of long-term goals.

“Music is an essence of life. It tells our stories, fills us with emotion and touches our hearts in a way that few thing can,” said Josesph Ferriolo, Director of Wise Business Plans. “Music store owners need a plan that is specific to their business goals, one that will give them an effective map toward future success but will also provide guidance for their current situation.”

All Wise business plans are custom tailored to each company’s unique business requirements by professional business plan writers who consult with the client and provide valuable knowledge on how best to present ideas and meet the needs of the client. Plans are always offered at an affordable price and each one includes an option for a free revision, should details change during the process.

“We constantly train, review and research the business world for new information in an effort to provide the very best planning options for each of our varied clients,” said Ferriolo.

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