Doctors are facing stiffer competition and more stringent requirements as they look to develop and implement increasingly complex and expensive programs and technologies. A business plan for doctors can help to demonstrate their grasp on the programs they are looking to establish and the seriousness of their commitment to a project, and Wise Business Plans is stepping in to assist.

“For a doctor, a business plan really serves as a strategic document,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise, which creates custom business plans for a vast range of clients. “It can serve as a guide toward integrating a new technology or treatment into a medical practice, or it can layout the steps needed to begin a new kind of therapy program.”

There are few limits to the utility of a business plan when used as a roadmap for reaching an established goal, he said.

Business Plan for Doctors is a Strategic alignment

“A plan can serve as the framework for reaching any kind of ending point, so it’s useful in a setting like the medical field, where detail can be life or death.”

Market analysis — a critical part of any plan — is especially useful to doctors, he said.

“Demographics are something most physicians are very familiar with, and using them as part of your planning process can make a new program or technology more effective,” he said. “And Wise uses the most cutting edge demographics and market data available.”

Whether doctors are planning to offer a new service or adapting a program to fit a changing market demographic, a business plan for doctors can help ensure a good outcome, he said.

“Think of a business plan the way you would a treatment plan; both are strategies for reaching success, and both must be meticulous and detailed. But with a strong plan, your program or practice can grow and thrive.”

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