From cupcake vending machines to warm, fresh-baked cookies delivered right to your office cubicle, getting your sugar fix has gotten more convenient in the modern age. But dessert and so-called sweet delivery services aren’t just a sweet pick-me-up in the afternoon; they’re also big business, and one planning company is offering its services to entrepreneurs looking to jump into this growing niche field.

“As consumers, we love the convenience of having anything come right to our doorstep,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise Business Plans, which helps businesses of all sizes in every kind of industry plan for success. “But there’s more to the appeal of sweet delivery services companies than that. There’s just something about getting oven-warm chocolate chip cookies in the middle of a workday that makes you feel special. These companies help promote that sense that you deserve something a little bit extra, and they are thriving by becoming the premier work gift of the modern office.”

Marketing and customer service increasingly focus on more personal approaches as the social media age encourages people to expect a more intimate experience in all aspects of their lives, from dining to shopping, Ferriolo said. Pure luxury items like sweet delivery services feed directly into that highly personalized business model.

Sweet Delivery Services Feels Customer Special

“So much of marketing — and almost all of the successful customer-service practices — is about how you make customers or clients feel special,” he said. “By creating a business model that puts its total focus on making the customer feel special, while remaining affordable, these delivery companies are guaranteeing repeat business.”

“When you make someone feel good, they want to pass that feeling on,” Ferriolo said.

However, these companies often start out very small, he said, and grow quickly. This results in special considerations that require very careful planning.

“The last thing you want is to create a business that grows so fast you can’t keep up,” he said. “When you outgrow your resources, you start failing to deliver on your promises, and that will result in lost customers, quickly.”

The key to avoiding this is strong planning from the very beginning, he said, and that’s where Wise comes in. The company has announced a strengthened commitment to helping small businesses like treat delivery companies in the latter half of 2020.

“Everyone deserves to get recognition of how unique and important they are,” Ferriolo said. “We show our clients that they matter by supporting them as they find success.”

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