As the average American life-expectancy increases, so too does the life expectancy of our companion animals, and companies that care for furry loved ones in all stages of life are not only big business, but also a true service industry. Industry leader Wise Business Plans is renewing its commitment to helping companies who serve others in 2014, including those who care for the family pet.

"From veterinary clinics to doggy daycare services, we're willing to pay for the care that these most helpless members of our families require," said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise, which helps companies around the world plan for success. "The people who give of their time and money to start and sustain those kinds of businesses deserve the greatest success."

However, going into a business venture with a dream and the will to do good in the world isn't enough to ensure success, he said.

"You can't help anyone if you lose your financial focus or don't get the word out to customers," he said. "Planning is even more vital in an industry that is steeped in compassion, because so much is at stake."

Ferriolo said, just as with any other business, planning for success in the pet care field means understanding your target demographic and outlining a roadmap to careful, sustainable growth.

"Sometimes you have to think of your business as another living creature that you've agreed to feed and nurture," he said. "And if you treat it right, it will show you some love in return."