If you find yourself in a position to hire employees for your successful business, there are a few things to consider that can make it an effective, low-stress process.
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Of course, you will be required to follow state and federal guidelines, but you will also need to progress in a fair and consistent manner. That equates to being evenhanded when applying company rules, or rather, treating each employee the same when the circumstance is the same.
Developing specific company policies and supplying your new hire employees with handbooks will go a long way in helping everyone stay on a level playing field and cut down on misunderstandings, absences, and reprimands.
In small businesses employees are often called on to do a variety of jobs that may not be what they were specifically hired for. It is still a good idea to write out job descriptions for particular employment positions and stick to those as much as possible.
It is commendable that most small business owners are grateful and appreciative of loyal employees, but it is essential to keep some emotional space between yourself and your employees so that the lines of who is the boss and who is NOT the boss do not get blurred. 
Hiring helpers is a good thing because it shows that your small business is alive and progressing in a healthy manner. Treating those helpers in a fair and consistent way, while maintaining your hold on the reigns of your own creation can mean that your thriving business will continue to grow and remain healthy.

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