website mistakes to avoid

Website Mistakes To Avoid

If you are serious about your small business website, don’t let it just sit there. Take the time to ask questions and get the answers that can fix any problems if you want to keep people on your site, and represent your business professionally online. These website mistakes can drive customers away from your website with a bad impression of your business.

Check Spelling Mistakes In Website

Your potential customers are looking for reputable and well-spoken people to do business with. If your content is hard to read, incomplete, and lacking proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, your credibility will suffer, and so will your traffic.

You could ask a friend who has the writing experience to proofread and edit your site so that it is understandable. Or go ahead and hire a professional editor. There are many freelance sites on the internet.

Inconsistent Information

One of the biggest turn-offs for visitors is when a website has inconsistent information. Not only is this confusing, but it means that your visitor has to put in extra effort to figure out which information is correct and which is not.

If a potential customer is trying to decide between you and a competitor, the business that provides clearer and more understandable information generally gets the job. Some areas to pay particular attention to are your product descriptions and their pricing, but your company’s’ mission/about page is equally important.

And always double-check your contact information. Any outdated phone number, email, etc should be changed on your site the same day to prevent any missed opportunities.

Poorly Designed Website

The first impression a potential client or customer has when they visit your site is your site’s design and style. A poorly designed website is a huge problem and a definite turn off for visitors. The graphic design industry is always changing, what was cool last year may be a big turn off now.

Some of the most important things to check for are blurry or too bright colors, pages that take 4-5 clicks to find (from your homepage), and homepages with paragraphs and paragraphs of text. If you are thinking about to create a beautiful website, wise business plan can help you to make a stunning website to grab user attention which will be helpful for your business to gain more profit.

Finally, have a third party to browse your website while you are with them. Make sure they are in the same demographic as your customers may be and watch them see if they navigate smoothly through all your websites’ pages. Make sure to use a third party computer and fill out all of the forms, surveys, etc. to make sure everything works as you intended it to.

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