What Should a Business Plan Include?

Each Business Plan Includes

Cover: Includes the business name, address, and contact information.

Table of Contents: A list of the business plan’s organized sections in the order in which the parts appear. The table of contents includes the titles of the first-level headers.

Executive Summary: This section summarizes the key elements of the entire business plan. This facet of the business plan appears first; however, it is usually the last element of the business plan to be written.

Company Description: An outline of your business’ legal structure and management resources, including your internal management team, external management resources, and human resources needs.

Product or Service Description: A detailed description of your products and services are included in this section. The most intriguing part of your product or service will be described in this section.

Market Analysis: Provides an examination of the primary target market for your product or service, including geographic location, demographics, your target market’s needs, and how these needs are being met currently.

Marketing Plan: A detailed explanation of your sales strategy, pricing plan, proposed advertising or promotion activities, and the product or service benefits.

SWOT Analysis: A strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in your business.

Financial Analysis: A description of your funding requirements, your detailed financial statements, and financial statement analysis.

Appendices and Exhibits: Any additional information that will help establish the credibility of your business ideas, such as marketing studies, photographs of your product, and/or contracts or other legal agreements pertinent to your business.