Top Manufacturing Companies In The World

Top Manufacturing Companies In The World:

Industrial Machinery, Gas & Chemicals: As more and more consumers begin to release their spending, a portion of those funds are being directed towards this sector.  Comprised of oil, gas, and large moving apparatuses, this sector continues to be one of the linchpins that drive the steady growth of the American economy.

According to IBISWorld, the top industrial industries are:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mfg.

Truck-Mounted Cement Mixer Mfg.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Mfg.

Blow Molding Machinery Mfg.

Injection Molding Machinery Mfg.

Extruding Machinery Mfg.

Ice Cream Making Machinery Mfg.

Milking Machine Mfg.

Industrial Process Furnace Mfg.

Tungsten Carbide Mfg.

Automotive Coatings Mfg.

Antifreeze Preparations Mfg.

Garbage-Collection Vehicle Mfg.

Fire Extinguisher Mfg.

Paint Remover Mfg.

Cutting Tool & Machine Tool Accessory Mfg.

Catalytic Converter Mfg.

Heavy Duty Truck Parts Dealers

Walk-in & Cabinet Cooler Mfg.

Hydraulic Motor Mfg.

Chipping & Grinding Equipment Mfg.

Engine Rebuilding & Remanufacturing

Street Sweeping Vehicle Mfg.

Snowplow Mfg.

Safety Equipment & Supplies Distributors

Material Handling Equipment Distributors

Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies Distributors

Aerial-Lift Truck Mfg.

Truck-Mounted Crane Mfg.

Truck Trailer Mfg.

Air & Gas Compressor Mfg.

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Mfg.

Fire Truck Mfg.

Jet Fuel Production

Industrial & Fluid Power Valve Mfg.

Auto Parts Remanufacturing

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