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Kickstarter is a crowdfunding resource that has skyrocketed in popularity and has helped tens of thousands of projects get up and running. If you’re considering using this to fund your project, here are a few tips to help you on your way to success.

Planning is everything. Kickstarter is a place for you to present your plan. This is not the time to put out your rough draft. Make sure you have carefully planned your campaign and that your project or idea is ready to share with the world. This will show the people who may want to invest that this project is viable if it gets the proper funding.

Essentially, you are asking for funding.
Be sure that your funding goals are realistic. Don’t ask for way more or far less than you need. Explain how you came up with the goal amount and what you will do with the funds. Will they be used for production costs, marketing, or something else?

Once everything is planned and ready to launch on Kickstarter, be sure that your presentation is professional. This is what people will view to decide whether or not to contribute. Explain the details. Use video or nice images if you are able. Presentation really is everything.

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