Tips to being a good business partner

treat your employees wellOur co-workers or employees may not impress us with their good looks and ability to tell a witty joke or wear the latest fashion with style, but they deserve the respect that their hard work has earned.

Treat Your Employees Well:

We are all so careful of our own feelings, immediately acknowledging to ourselves when someone has wronged us, but we sometimes neglect to keep the same regard for the feelings of others.

How do you treat your employees well?

What may seem like an innocuous remark to you, said in a moment of irritation or frustration, may deeply offend or embarrass another employee. Whispering when chatting with fellow workers or taking a break will immediately lead to suspicion and hurt feelings, especially if others are excluded from the conversation.

Before making an offhand remark, it is a good idea to stop and think about how you would take it if it were said to you or about you. You don’t want to lose a good employee over something that could have been easily avoided, such as a word left unsaid.

All of this is especially true when you are the owner of the company, as you hold the livelihood of everyone involved in your hands.

We really don’t have to like everyone that we work with — or everyone who works for us — on a personal level, but we do have an obligation to contribute to an environment that helps get the work done by allowing others to feel comfortable and confident while doing their work.

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