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Basic Elements of Newsletter Design

A newsletter is a fantastic way to keep customers informed and keep your business on their minds. It can nurture closer relationships with your established customers and clients and sometimes reach new ones. You can print or email customers your newsletter, or both! Here are some basic elements of a great newsletter.

Store information:

Every newsletter design should include all of your important store information. Your store name, logo, phone number, address, and hours should be the first thing readers see. This will make it easy for customers to reach you and make your business identifiable. You may even want to add it again at the end.

Important dates/updates:

The purpose of your newsletter signup to let customers know all of the exciting news. Include sales, changes, and events. If you recently had an event or an employee’s birthday, add a fun photo. This is a great way to let your customers or clients feel like a part of the team.


Don’t be afraid to get creative. Add a puzzle or an interesting article. This should have to do with the kind of business you run. Fun facts or trending news items are always good choices. For example, if you want to own a skate shop, you could include a fun history of skateboarding or a celebrity skateboarder profile.


Length for your newsletter design is important. You want to try to aim for a happy medium. Too long, and your customers may get bored and not read all of it. Too short, and they may not remember or enjoy it. Try to find a good length for your target market and stick with it.


Coupons are a great way to get customers or clients excited about your newsletter. You can offer a percentage off or a discount on a particular item. This is a wonderful way to show your customers some appreciation.

Spotlight items:

Another element of a great newsletter design is a spotlight on specific items. Let your customers know what’s new in the store or tell clients about new services you are offering. Spotlight items that are going to be discontinued.

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