It Helps to Know the Important Things

We are often asked, “What is the most important part of a business plan.” Now, of course we always say that every part of your business plan is of the utmost importance and here at Wise Business Plans we believe that is true. But there are areas where your input into the research and writing of your individual plan is most important. When we write your plan, always pay special attention and give us your best in these strategic sections.

Your biography is where you will demonstrate that you have the technical and leadership experience to drive your idea to success. It’s your chance to prove you have the experience, or that you have surrounded yourself with others who have it. Investors, whether personal friends, bankers or angel investors, know they are investing in you as the owner. You are contributing most of your time, your talents and your passion into starting this business and bringing it into the marketplace. Don’t let this turn into a typical online bio-type that only lists your education and experience. Instead, give us all the information we need to convince your chosen audience why you are the right person at the right time to own and operate this business.

First impressions are just as important in a business plan as anywhere else, realizing that, your executive summary needs to prove to the reader that your business will be successful by describing what customer needs are fulfilled, how this business idea sets itself apart from all the other competing alternatives available in the marketplace and the rewards to be obtained by investing in you. Here at Wise, we are experts at bringing out the best in you and your new company.

Make sure your sales goals that are supported by solid research that you understand and an actionable marketing plan. Where and how are you going to capture revenue? What are the names of your first prospects? What is your sales pitch for gaining the sale? How will customers become aware of your new company? If the argument and support is not convincing, the banker, angel, vendor or customer will arbitrarily give your projections a downgrade. This means less investment and cash for you. Investors know how important it is to think through the all numbers before investing their hard earned money. At Wise Business Plans, we make sure it is easy for them, and for you!

5 small things that can improve a bad day

 A bad day can happen to anyone. It comes out of nowhere, and once it starts, it seems to only get worse. Sometimes it’s one event that has ruined your outlook on the day. But there are ways to help ease the pain. We’ve put together a list of five small things to help pull you out of your tailspin.

1. Take a break. If your day is stressing you out, take a step back. You can walk around the building for a few minutes or just walk outside. This can help you recollect your thoughts and may help your day be just a little better.

2. Stretch it out. When you’re having a bad day, you can become tense. Some relaxing stretches can help shake off your bad energy and see the brighter side of things.

3. Eat a snack. Stress can be so much worse if you’re tired and hungry. Take a moment to eat a healthy snack. This can boost your energy and get you on your way to a better day.

4. Think of a fun memory. Sometimes recalling a great memory can make you chuckle out loud. A little laugh might be exactly what you need to make your day better.


5. Listen to a happy song. A cheerful song can boost your mood. Often a bad mood can be the root of a bad experience. Outsmart your bad day and jam out to your favorite happy song.