Social Lending sometimes called p2p lending is a business concept that has a long, storied history but has only recently risen to prominence.  The rise in p2p lending has been driven for the most part by strict standards placed on traditional banks and lenders.  These heightened lending restrictions are a direct result of the housing market bubble bursting and in the process, jeopardizing the ability of several banks and financial institutions to operate.  As the demand for p2p lending has grown, so too has the demand for business plans that clients looking to begin operating in this industry.  “We are in the midst of a significant seismic shift in the financial and lending industry from both a consumer and small business perspective; and p2p Lending is on the forefront”, says Joe Ferriolo Director of Wise Business Plans.

Elements in Business Plans developed for p2p Lending ventures:

Clients who come to Wise Business Plan needing business plans for Social Lending or p2p lending ventures can be assured that the business plan that is produced will meet their needs and set them on a path towards success.  The business plans that have been developed for p2p lending ventures thus far contain important elements including:

  • Detailed market analysis regarding trends and activities
  • Target market insights and triggers that lead to key decisions
  • Predictive financial modeling that gives these clients realistic expectations regarding revenue and profit margin potential
  • Milestones and timelines that help these business owners more effectively plan
  • Objectives and keys to success that can be used to gauge progress against stated business goals

All Wise Business Plans come complete with a strong executive summary and a realistic financial p2p lending business model that is based on well-defined growth strategies.  Wise Business Plans are also extremely flexible and written by a staff of diverse professionals who have the ability to meet a variety of client needs.  “No one client is the same which means every business plan must have a distinctive voice.  Our goal is to capture that voice in a manner that shows the true value of their venture”.

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