Small office updates can help make you more productive

office solutionsLooking around the office to see what might be improved can sometimes be surprising, and making even small adjustments can actually affect your productivity and that of your staff.

Is the lighting too harsh or too low? It can make a big difference if the room is lit up to the point of giving you a headache or so dark that people can’t see their work. Also, supplemental lighting in appropriate areas can give a subtle, quality feeling to the room that encourages collaboration and increases creativity.

Office Solutions:

Chairs for clients or visitors should be large and comfortable enough to accommodate an average adult and placed in an easily accessible spot so that your guests do not have to squeeze past anything to be seated. Make sure there are places for employees to confer with clients or brainstorm with one another without dealing with a lot of office noise or constant interruptions from others walking back and forth or in between.

Is the room temperate for the people that have to be in there all day? There’s not much worse than freezing or roasting while trying to get your work done. Positioning workers in the same office according to their heating and cooling preferences can be helpful to keep from constantly changing the thermostat settings.

If an office or collaborative space is near a loud part of the building, artwork on the walls and floor rugs can buffer the noise, considerably. Plants, properly placed, can also be helpful in the same manner.

We all need to access and moderate things occasionally, just to keep the flow of life steady, and the office is no different. An adjustment here or there can make our minds more at ease, which will make our workday more pleasant and noticeably increase productivity for managers and employees alike.

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Joseph Ferriolo

Director at Wise Business Plans®
Joseph Ferriolo is the Director of Wise Business Plans. He has overseen over 15,000 written business plans during his tenure, raising over $1BN in funding and providing 30K+ consulting hours for startup companies.

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