Good Reasons to Consider Franchising

Sometimes the small size of your company can make it seem like nothing you do has any impact on our earth or it’s environment. But it is the fact that your company is so small that gives you free reign to make more earth-friendly changes. Here are some things you can do to save the planet, and maybe save money, that the “Big Box Stores” can’t.

Share space with another company, rent an office only when needed, or use one of the shared workspaces that have popped up to cater to home-based workers and freelancers.

Another option is to run your business from home. Even businesses with employees or partners can use this option, thanks to tech solutions like online conferencing and seminars, that make it easy to hold conference calls and teleconferences. Also, use virtual employees or contractors. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to work with people across the country without anybody spending money on transportation of any kind. Use online job boards to find freelancers and online collaboration tools to work with them.

Then there are always the tried and true, old fashion methods of saving energy. If you live in an area that has a climate that you can be comfortable enough in, cool your office by opening your windows instead of turning on the air conditioning.

Recycle paper, buy recycled paper and print only when you absolutely must.

Telecommute when possible and turn your computers, lights and monitors off every night.

Buy used office furniture to help keep our landfills from filling up too soon.

Don’t be discouraged just because the giant chain stores can save millions of dollars by changing light bulbs. You are not the only one finding little ways of saving resources. There are millions of us.

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