Importance of Signage in a Business

What Is the Function of Outdoor Signs?

The purpose of a sign is to share needed information that guides the sign reader in making an appropriate decision based on the information provided.

Importance of Signage for Your BusinessSigns warn us, tell us where to go, when to go there and how to get there. They are a business requirement, in many cases, because of safety and regulatory issues. Most of us would be lost, literally, without the use of signs.

Importance of Signage for Your Business

Before anyone ever enters your business, you probably have already caught their attention with signs that show business hours, reserved parking, reduced speed limits, and loading and delivery areas, etc.

Inside our businesses, we use signs to direct visitors to various offices, departments, and services, such as restroom facilities. Also, we use signs to control and adjust the access and flow of people to different areas and to warn them of hazards and restricted or private spaces.

Depending on the type of business that you own, the U.S. government may have requirements as to what signs are posted, and where they are required to be positioned. Such items as hazardous materials, safety conditions, and employee and work-related notifications are all government regulated.

Signs: How Do They Affect Businesses?

Choosing the right type of signage for your business is crucial when you operate a small business. It can also serve as a type of silent salesperson for your business by making a good first impression on potential customers. You can also use signs to facilitate transactions with your customers.

Attracting People’s Attention

You can create an attractive sign that attracts attention to your business if you place it in an excellent spot. Signs let passersby know that your business exists, which helps potential customers locate it in a crowded shopping area. Studies suggest that approximately 45 percent of first-time customers who visit a business do so because they noticed the sign. Therefore, you can capture business even if you would have otherwise missed it without a sign.

Strengthening Your Brand

Business signs help you introduce and reinforce your brand. The constant exposure your business receives from those driving by can establish your brand in their minds even if they do not immediately need your services and products. If your business has a unique logo or catchy advertising slogan, a sign that illustrates these features can increase your visibility to customers, increasing the likelihood they will come to you.

Advertising Purposes

The use of signs can help you convey short, concise messages that can increase sales. For example, a sign announcing a special sale may entice people to buy on impulse. In addition to promoting recent awards that your business has won, you can also use a sign to remind people that it is time to take advantage of a seasonal service.

Consistency and Safety

Signs can be powerful marketing tools, but they can also impact your business in other ways. If you operate in a large facility, you can use them to direct customers to the right spot and avoid confusion. If your operation is more self-serve in nature, your customers may need to rely on signs to help conduct business effectively.


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