seo for small business websiteIf you’ve been wondering why you put your company’s website out there and it seems to be bobbing around in a vast ocean of internet clutter without so much as a nod of recognition, it may be time to explore the voodoo called Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO. When it comes to having a strong SEO presence, there are 3 categories SEO for small business website owners should focus on, local, mobile, and social. Finding ways to engage your consumers through as many of these platforms as possible can help boost your SEO results.

Building your business’s SEO presence begins on a local level. One of the most important tools is the online customer review. Finding ways to ensure that your customers leave reviews is important, but giving your customers an online experience that they like is the key. Giving good customers a little incentive for a survey or review is always acceptable. It’s also important to have your business name, address, and phone number consistent online as well as in print. Search engines love consistency. A good rule of thumb is to use the standard parentheses and hyphens for your phone number. The more consistent you are, the easier your customers can find you.

Make sure your website is optimized for mobile phones. This is one area that you may want to have an expert check out. A study shows that over 100 million people are searching for SEO for small business websites via mobile phones on any given weekday. More than ever, folks are using their phones to find businesses that can take care of their needs. It is important to have a clean website that allows customers to easily find information. Remember, your website affects your business credibility. People are more likely to trust and engage with a business that has a website that is up to date, reliable, and easy to navigate.

If you want to let the world know something, put it on Facebook. To provide visibility and improve your seo for small business website, Facebook has been shown to be a huge difference-maker. Taking advantage of sites and techniques such as Facebook and blogging can yield great results. Creating a blog is the number one way to engage with your consumers and create better visibility.

Don’t let the ocean that is the internet swamp you. Using these techniques can help your business have the visibility and popularity that they deserve. Your online friends will thank you for it!

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