As your business evolves, your brand identity may outgrow or move away from your current brand image. Almost every company will go through rebranding or brand freshening at some point. There are a wide variety of reasons why it may be time to rebrand, and if you’re considering the process, take a look at these tips.

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Although business is much more than its logo, this is often one of the first steps to rebranding. As a single image that symbolizes your business, your logo is the thing customers or clients see that sparks immediate recognition of what your company represents. Many businesses decide to rebrand because they want to reinvent themselves in the minds of their customers. Many changes take place during rebranding, but your logo is the face of those changes, so it is a good first step that can inform the rest of the process.

Company rebranding is essentially giving your business a new identity, so you need to decide exactly what you want this image to be. What do you want to change or do you want to stay the same? Come up with a comprehensive plan and address all the things you think need to change about the branding you have now. Include all the vital pieces of the brand puzzle in your plan, from a color set to a tagline.

Once you have your plan in place and the changes are ready to launch, you need to decide how you will present it to your customers. Do you want the changes to be subtle, or do you want to advertise a big change? It’s important to carefully plan the unveiling of your new brand. You want the transition to go smoothly and for your customers to accept your new identity happily and without frustration or confusion.

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