What kind of Industry is Real Estate?

Companies in this industry provide real estate-related services including escrow, fiduciary, consultancy, research, listings, tenant representation, and other miscellaneous activities.

The industry also includes real estate agent and broker offices, real estate lessors, real estate property managers, and real estate appraiser offices. Brokers and agents that act as intermediaries during the sale, purchase or rental of real estate for others comprise this industry.

Why is the Best Time to Start a Real Estate Business now?

The Business Plan on Real Estate, a $93 billion dollar industry, has seen some of the most tumultuous times in nearly a century. Research gathered via IBISworld.com shows that real estate investment is projected to have a healthy 5.5% growth rate from 2015 to 2020.

What Industry Leader has to Say About Real Estate Industry?

Parris Real Estate was founded by Jerome Parris and has realized immense levels of success in his Real Estate company even in a down economy.

“Investing in any type of a market can be a challenge but especially in one that is as volatile as the one we are currently working and living in”, says Mr. Parris.  “But we have managed to stay true to our corporate vision and this has allowed our company to grow strategically and realize consistent gains in revenues, profits, and portfolio valuation.

Parris Real Estate Company is in the midst of an aggressive expansion effort that sees the organization adding to its’ portfolio through the acquisition and facilitation of multi-million dollar assets in and around the Greater New York City region.  “Our goal is to remain true to the vision that this organization was founded on and continuously deliver the types of environments that the Parris Real Estate brand has come to stand for”, says Mr. Parris.

Business Plan on Real Estate

“Homes across the country have been sitting empty, their previous owners forced out due to foreclosure,” said Joseph Ferriolo, Director of Wise, which creates business plans on real estate for new and expanding businesses across the world. “Selling these properties is not only an invaluable service for the home-buying public but also a ripe market for business expansion and development.”

Getting families into foreclosed homes not only helps them save money, but it revitalizes the neighborhood, raises surrounding real estate values, and benefits the banks that most often own these properties, he said.

“It’s really a community service that also happens to be a sustainable business model in the correct economic climate,” said Ferriolo.

He also said banks will look favorably on these kinds of ventures because there is a benefit to them.

“They want to get paying homeowners in these properties, rather than letting them sit unused, often in disrepair.”

However, he said, the competition is fierce, and banks will be looking to work with the most professional and well-prepared companies.

“In such a ‘now’ market, which is somewhat high-profile, if only because a home is the most expensive thing most people will ever buy, you really have to prove you know your stuff,” he said. “The MBAs at Wise can help you do that. We’re here to help you make your dream a reality, so you can do the same for others.”

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Is Real Estate Investment Risky?

Real estate investment can be risky but at the same time, it is one of the most prudent investment opportunities a professional can make.  When the time comes to plan your entry and become a real estate investor in the business plan on real estate, let the professionals at Wise Business Plans manage all of your business plan development needs.