DIY Business PlansBusiness Plan Mistakes:

The saying that something is better than nothing is true for some things, but when it comes to your business plan, that old saying goes out the window. People often try to skate by with a business plan they cooked up on their own assuming it is better than nothing. The truth is, the business plan is such an integral part of operations that it deserves to be handled with as much care as the products and/or services your company provides.

A poorly put together business plan has no cohesion. It hits some points, usually, thee highlights of what is working well, and tends to gloss over or entirely omit problem areas that require a little more focus to get back on track. It may skimp on details, assuming that anyone viewing the business plan will inherently know exactly what every bullet point or condensed piece of information is trying to convey. It is a natural tendency of anyone in any field to want to focus on the positives and skim past the negatives.

That is the exact reason a professionally prepared business plan is preferable. An objective set of eyes from the outside is going to ensure that a full and accurate picture of where the business currently is, where it is going, and how it will get there is portrayed. A professional business plan is more than a slick cover and heavy stock paper, it is a view into what is really occurring within a business so that future aspirations can be fully realized by not leaving any stone unturned on the way.

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