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good corporate citizenGood Corporate Citizen:

Being a good corporate citizen is really no different than being a good friend, neighbor, co-worker, or supervisor. You treat others as you feel you should be treated.

How a company takes care of its employees says a lot about how the company will interact with its clients and the surrounding community. If your employees are not confident of their importance in the business and job issues are not fairly addressed, the entire work environment will surely suffer. People know when they are well treated, and your business is only as good as your employees make it.

Your business is a part of the community, and the two will always affect one another. Working with other citizens and companies as a part of projects to help those less fortunate and improve the lives of others is not only the right thing to do, it will also re-enforce your good standing and spread your good reputation. The more you interact with those who live and work in the area, the more your company will become a part of them.

Another facet of being a good corporate citizen is becoming a responsible user and not abuser of the resources that are available to us. This means careful use of materials in our charge, regular disposal of the same, and recycling when possible. Conserving so as not to make waste will save money and the health of our planet.

Good citizenship is the responsibility of all of us, and others will know and appreciate you for a job well done.

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