It’s important to work on projects outside of work to keep your creative muscles from getting in a rut. Turning something old into new is inspirational and good for the environment, and finding second uses for common objects is a common theme nowadays. One thing that many of us have lying around the yard is old bikes. We out grow them, get tired of them, and forget about them. But they can be recreated and loved! Here are 5 interesting things to do with old bikes.


1. A clock: A single bike wheel cleaned up or even painted can make a beautiful wall clock. Simply get the clock mechanism from your local craft store and add your personal touch!

2. A garden piece: An old bike covered in flowers can add a country chic feel.

3. A sign: Depending on your needs, a cute bike holding a sign can be used in many situations, such as outside a boutique, as wedding decor or for a bike shop.

4. Frames: The gears in an old bike can be used to make interesting art or picture frames. Gears are interesting shapes and, mixed with some creativity, can be beautiful.

5. Furniture: With some work, you can add some legs and a glass to create a cool bike wheel table. This would be a great piece for a store or home.

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