Marketing Strategy That Can Make A Difference to Your Business Planning

Ad Campaign VS and Direct Response Marketing - Which Best?

There comes a time when your business has grown big enough, that you decide it’s time to develop a marketing campaign. Or maybe you have the financial backing for starting your new company or for starting a nonprofit business and want to get your marketing strategy going with a bang.

Either way, there are a few questions you should find answers that will make sure you get off on the right foot.

Should you start with an ad or an advertising campaign?

Advertising Campaign

A campaign is advertising placed on different media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor billboards, online, etc.) that will be tied together with a common theme. Effective advertising is best described as creating your best sales pitch then putting it in a commercial or up on a billboard.

Advertising creates, changes or enhances the brand personality. These ads are like business development people who identify, educate, and nurture prospects and existing customers. Think of the commercials that place the customer in the mountains or by the lake.

Direct Response Marketing

The other type is known as direct response ads. These ads are designed and measured by how well they convert prospects into buyers and how much revenue they generate. Picture the commercial that says,” 3 Days only! 50% off storewide!”

Developing an ad campaign takes more work and costs more upfront, but it pays back by creating a stronger brand reputation for your product, service, or organization. The theme and messages from the ad campaign can be used in other sales and marketing materials to further interlock your marketing. The consistency reassures customers and makes a brand look like a leader.

These are some free online marketing tools for small businesses to expand to grow.

A marketing strategy is one of the key sections of inexpensive marketing ideas for small businesses. Whether you’re creating a business plan for investors or just revamping your marketing strategy, any small businesses and non-profit organizations can do this.

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