Make Sure You Keep it Real in the World of Social Media

Social Media Selling TipsFolks are just more sophisticated in their personal and professional lives these days, and fewer customers answer their phones or open and respond to emails. As consumers, we are now trained to ignore pop-up and banner ads and to quickly discount content that even seems promotional.

What Is Social Selling?

So if we want to communicate with prospects and our customers we must go to where they hang out, social media. This type of selling is referred to as social selling. But it is not simply cold calling with Facebook instead of the telephone. People are still aware of any little hint that you may have walked into their conversation to coerce them into buying something. You don’t have to be tricky or deceitful to make new friends and let them know you can help solve a problem they may have. Here are a few social media selling tips or social selling strategies to help you be effective with social selling.

Make sure you listen:

Make sure you listen more than you speak, just like you would do in a face to face conversation. The biggest value of social selling is that you can really get to know your customer, his work, hobbies, background, and personality. Don’t talk about yourself all the time but instead listen carefully to how you can solve their problem.

Always be consistent:

Always be consistent. Social selling is a subtle process of getting to know people as people, not prospects. Also, since everyone is in and out of networks depending on their schedules, it is important to incorporate social media into your daily activity and remember to post helpful information regularly.

Add Your Help Or Advice:

Add your help or advice when it’s appropriate. In your sales role, you have real knowledge and expertise in your industry or products. Share that knowledge only when it’s obvious that you can help. You will gradually gain the trust of others and you won’t be seen as an opportunistic salesman. Be authentic and honest.

social media selling tips

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