Juggling kids and work, and how to handle it when the two worlds collide

how to juggle kids school and workHow To Juggle Kids School And Work:

We love our children. They are one of the main reasons we work and one of the greatest joys in life. What happens when an employee wants or needs to bring a child to work?  Confusion and resentment can be the order of the day.

Children accompanying an employee to the workplace during the workday is generally frowned upon and should be avoided except in emergency situations. That being said, emergency situations do arise, so it is very important to have a strong policy in place to avoid work disruptions of employees and damage to property and to reduce company liability issues.

When a child must be brought to work with an employee, supervisors need to be notified immediately to talk over the situation, as they must make the decision as to whether or not to allow the child to stay. Supervisors have to consider the maturity of the child, how long the child needs to be tended at work, the effect on the business environment, and disruption to the employee’s work. The health of the child must also be taken into consideration, as many childhood illnesses are highly contagious and could disrupt work for many more days than the child is in the work area.

Many businesses provide child care for employees, but most small businesses cannot afford such a luxury and would suffer a significant loss if work were to be disrupted.

Good business entrepreneurs care about employees and their loved ones but ultimately must be prepared to protect the jobs of employees through good company policy.

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