6 Tips for a successful interview

Preparation is the key to success, and also the key to your confidence

 So, you’ve been asked to be on a TV or radio show, and that kind of makes you nervous. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many of us get a little queasy at the thought of doing interviews. Just remember, preparation is the key to success, and also the key to your confidence. Here are 6 tips for a successful interview.
Now you’ve got a couple of days to prepare for an interview and you’re completely overwhelmed! It is time to do your homework. Use these 6 tips for a successful interview to help you land that dream job.

6 Tips for a successful interview

 tips for a successful interview
  1. First of all, let the station feel like you know what you’re doing. Even if this is your first TV or radio spot, give the show your background information. Develop a press kit that includes, headshots, logo graphics, and anything else that might give them some background on your business.
  2. Make sure to check out the show that you are going to appear on. Is it just an interview, or will listeners be calling in with questions?  Who will be doing the interview? Try to listen to some of their past shows and decide whether they are humorous, serious, or something else. And make sure to find out how long your segment is. How about other guests? Are you part of a panel?
  3. On the day of the show, get there ahead of time, especially if it is for TV. Ask if they will provide makeup. If not, at the very least bring your own powder so you can stop your face from shining too much, even if you are a man. Try to wear solid colors — remember, patterns and whites often don’t show well on camera. And make sure your entire outfit, head to toe, looks professional — you never know what parts of you will show up on TV.
  4. Even if you already sent the information to the studio, bring a flier with your name, business name, website, logo, and contact information to give the studio in case they will be showing any of the information on the screen. Also, give the host a sheet describing your business and your contact information.
  5. Now that you have covered most of the details for a smooth show, make sure you have the information that you want your listeners to get, condensed into a nice clean delivery. Focus on the points you want to emphasize. You should aim to get your message across in the first two minutes of your interview, whether it’s the name of your website, or the name of your product and where to buy it.
  6. Now just relax and have fun! But don’t let your guard down. If the interview is taped, act as if everything you say, even polite banter with the host and other guests before and after the show, will be aired, and don’t say anything you wouldn’t want to hear the broadcast. Show lots of energy to come across right on TV, so pump up the volume and animation in your voice and face. On the radio, your voice is especially important; smiling can help convey energy and friendliness even when listeners can’t see you.
Interviews and live appearances can be a useful part of your business success and one that you can learn to be comfortable with if you follow these simple guidelines and remember that you are doing it for your future. By following these tips for a successful interview, you are on the right path to landing your dream job.
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