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Writing Of Proper Instruction:

A friend of Wise recently shared a story:

“Last week, I made a batch of fudge and presented it to my daughter, as a gift. While we chatted, she nibbled on the fudge and then asked me if I was trying out a new recipe. I told her that it was the same recipe I have used for many years. She then informed me that the fudge was not the same — good, but definitely different. In her opinion, the color was darker and the buttery pecan flavor was missing.

Writing Of Proper Instruction

As I drove home, I turned the recipe over in my mind until I came to the conclusion that I had altered it without realizing it. I have always used light brown sugar in the recipe but, on that occasion, I had none in the cupboard and had substituted dark brown sugar. The darker sugar gave a fuller, stronger flavor to the fudge and completely overpowered the delicate flavor of butter and pecans.

I had simply noted “brown sugar” years ago when writing the recipe and used the brown sugar I had on hand.”

By now, you are probably wondering what altered fudge has to do with the world of business, and rightly so. But the writing of proper instructions and the careful following of those written instructions are somewhat important in cooking, but much more so in business matters.

Ideally, will accurately relay the intentions of the writer, layout the proper steps to complete the required task, and be clear and to the point.

Reading carefully to get a solid grasp of the assignment you are undertaking and following directions is equally as important as having the proper instructions.

Proper directions, properly followed will reduce lost working hours due to tasks having to be redone, lessen the need to reprimand employees, and allow for a more efficient and harmonious work environment.

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