Throwing a great business luncheon

Perfect Work LunchPacking your work lunch can save you time and money, but it also opens many possibilities for better enjoying your lunchtime. You can take more than just left overs and cold sandwiches! Adding more flavor, color and healthy choices to your midday meal can make your whole day better. Throw in some healthy snacks throughout the day, and you’ll have more energy and a better mood.

Many lunches are dull because they are put together at the last minute. Take a little time on a Sunday afternoon to prepare your lunches for the week. Future-lunch-break you will appreciate the extra effort! This will also help you put more thought into what you pack.

You can prepare your favorite meals and freeze them or refrigerate them until you bring them to work. If you enjoy salads, pack each ingredient separately to maintain freshness. Chicken breasts are versatile enough that you can cook several and use them for all kinds of different lunches. Prepack them, and all you’ll have to do in the morning is grab your lunch and go.

When you pack your lunch, be intentional. Try to pack healthy foods but also be sure to include food you’re going to enjoy. If you don’t like what you’ve packed, then by lunchtime, you’ll probably ditch it and go out to eat.

Healthy snacks are a great energy booster. Put an extra apple and some nuts in your lunch box to eat before and after the noonday meal. Eating small, healthy snacks will help you fight the urge to grab fast food, and snacks can also help you fight off afternoon sleepiness.

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