Wise Business Plans has become a known leader in writing and developing high- dollar business plans for investors and banking institutions. When seeking funds in excess of one million dollars a business plan must be well written, thought out, researched, and financially sound. The plan should clearly explain how much funding is needed, how the funds are going to be allocated, and how the funds will be paid back. “Simply put the higher the funding request, the higher the risk, the higher caliber of business plan needed”, says Joe Ferriolo, Director of Wise Business Plans. The following sections should be included when writing a million dollar business plan:


Executive Summary

Exit Strategies

Company Overview

Sensitivity Analysis

Product or Service Description

Break-even Analysis

Management Bios

Revenue Forecast

Industry Market Research

Personnel Forecast

Marketing Plan

Pro Forma Profit & Loss

Loan Analysis or ROI

Pro Forma Cash Flow

SWOT Analysis

Pro Forma Balance Sheet


Financial Assumptions

Competitive Analysis


When developing the sections above three areas should be considered.

 Unique Selling Position:

First, what is your company’s unique selling position? In other words why would a consumer buy your product or service over a competitor? This question can be a time consuming task; however, it is imperative to answer.   

Realistic Financials:

Second, do the financials support the industry? For example if the industry generates $10M in annual gross sales, and your company projects $2M in annual sales in the first year, is it feasible that your company will capture 20% of the market place within the first 12 months of operation?

Management Team:

Third, what does the management team bring to the table? Have they been successful in past similar ventures or do they have a skill or expertise that will benefit the company? Remember, investors are lending the money to you and the business. The management team must be able to execute the business plan.

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