psychology of colors in business

Your company and you as a person are linked together in many ways. One of the most important ways is personality. When you have to show how you feel or what you believe in without words, that’s when your “true psychology of colors in business” shows through. This means character traits… but in some ways, it also means the actual psychology color for a business you pick for your branding. Colors are known to make people feel certain ways. So the hues you choose to represent your business are as important as anything else to grab attention.

psychology of colors in business

You want your message to stand out and grab your audience’s attention, but there’s also the risk that you could be going overboard. So how do you make sure everything is right?

You don’t have to be an expert designer to find the psychology of colors in business that looks great and defines your products or services. With a few simple design rules in mind, you’ll be able to understand what looks professional and will grab the attention of any customers.

How to Find Psychology of Colors in Business:

Finding the psychology of colors for a business that fits your brand isn’t hard but it should be well researched and implemented with care. Colors are an important part of your company because they can carry meaning, trigger memories, and evoke emotion. In fact, colors have been found to increase the best brand recognition by up to 80 percent. And studies have shown that 85 percent of shoppers buy a product because of its color.

Colors can trigger different emotions and associations. Think about how the color for business conveys meaning in your daily life, stop signs are painted red to get the attention of drivers, but it’s unlikely you’d want to paint your business’s walls the same shade. Here are some common color associations to consider.

Blue equals trust and security. It is the most often seen color used by banks and businesses.

Green stands for wealth and relaxation. It is one of the easiest colors for our eyes to see and focus on.

Red promotes high energy. It is used for urgency and attention. If you want your sale items to be seen, use a red tag or sign.

Yellow is the color of optimism and youthful enthusiasm. It is used to turn your head and promote something as new or improved.

Find the color for a business that matches your brand and use it sparingly. Two to three main colors will be all you need to make your logo or signage stand out.

Be sure to match the colors with those found in your emails, newsletters, and on your website. Additionally, find ways to identify color harmonies to come up with a pleasing palette of colors to draw from.

Here at Wise Business Plans, we have a full staff of writers and designers who can help you find the perfect splash of colors to show off your company’s personality and brand.

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