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Gift Ideas for Coworkers What to do when it is gift-giving time at the office? It can be stressful to come up with appropriate holiday gifts for coworkers for a close friend or family member, much less a co-worker that we hardly know and only see a few hours a day.

If giving a gift for the entire office, food items are a good choice, and depending on the occasion, they can be both festive and easily shared. Just be sure to make or purchase enough for everyone. Many bakeries and specialty shops will prepare your choice of item, according to the number of servings. Also, take into account known allergies and preferences. For instance, if you know that someone is allergic to chocolate, bring at least one non-chocolate item for their enjoyment.

In a case where names are drawn, or you are gifting a particular co-worker, be sure to stay within the allotted monetary limit and adhere to company policy because you want to keep things light and fun, without negative feelings or backlash.

Always be careful not to purchase a gift that would be considered personal in nature. Generally, something that you would enjoy getting from an acquaintance would probably be acceptable to give a co-worker.

Life is full of stress; don’t let it creep into your holiday gift giving. If you keep it light, fun and pleasant, it will be the joy that it should be for all concerned.

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