importance of business policy in an organization

It’s well known to most good marksmen that the crosswind at the muzzle is much more important than the wind downrange at the target. You see, a small push by the wind early in the bullet’s flight winds up equating to a large deviation by the time it hits the target. And the further away your target is, the worse things get. It’s the same with your business goals and future plans. Make sure to understand the importance of business policy in an organization.

Importance of Business Policy In An Organization.

Policies and practices you put in place now can have a huge impact on how your company performs in the future. Even a small adjustment can make a big difference. If you’re hitting your sales marks while using only 40% of your time in actual sales activities that make and close deals, and if you spend about 50% of your time administratively, dealing with emails, handling administrative duties, scheduling your own appointments, etc. Your time is taken about as fast as most business owners. It’s that 10% that’s hanging out there that you have to find. If you could use just 5% of that pursuing and landing new deals or sales, the impact on your yearly bottom line could be increased dramatically.

Using productivity techniques like elimination and delegation, you could almost certainly squeeze 5% more time out of your schedule. Once you have that time, redeploy it to sales activity. Those hours represent a large percentage of your week, so your dedicated sales time moves from 40% of your time to 45%. That small shift in your business practices could be just the push your new business needs to cross the line into “goal accomplished” territory.

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