Starting a new career is never easy, especially when you’re transitioning from the military to civilian life. But for thousands of military veterans this year, they’ll be hoping to starting a business after the military and continue to make a difference for their country, except this time, in an entrepreneurial capacity.Starting a business after the military is one of the biggest American dreams there is and our military veterans deserve every available opportunity to succeed. If you’re a veteran and are thinking about starting a business after the military, here are a few suggestions that can help you make a smooth transition from the military to entrepreneurship.starting a business after the military

Transitioning from military to civilian workforce:

In the military, veterans look up to senior enlisted men and their officers for guidance. In the business world, a mentor will help veterans in a similar way by drawing on past successes and failures to help them find their way. Finding a mentor who has already, “been there and done that”, who is a military veteran, as well, would be the best scenario.

Because veterans come from a team-oriented, authority-managed life in the military, it is often easier for you to try to create a similar work environment at your own business. With this in mind, make sure you hire managers with outstanding leadership, motivational, and training skills, who can bring out the best in your employees. Your staff should be team-oriented, cooperate with each other, and more concerned with the overall goals of the business than their own egos. Of course, these are attributes that any employer would like to have in their employees.Download sample business plans

Veterans come out of the military with numerous skills engrained in them, teamwork, perseverance, and leadership, just to name a few. However, it’s important to have a focused concentration on your skills and future plans. Having a veteran starting a business after the military is one of the most important steps to your success. This business plan is your map, guiding you through the initial stages of starting your business and showing you the path to avoid some of the problems you have foreseen by learning from others who have gone before you. That way, you have a recipe for success already in place, which can help you develop a strategy to achieve your entrepreneurial mission.

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