business-plan-anatomy-book Free Ebook: Business Plan Anatomy 101
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The business planning process can be intimidating for new business owners, and before committing to writing their own plan or getting the help of a professional, many people try to get a better understanding about what the ideal business plan contains and provides to investors. But searching and reviewing site after site to find that kind of information is incredibly time-consuming, and sometimes you simply don’t know what you’re looking for in the first place. Wise Business Basics: Business Plan Anatomy 101 uses our decades of business planning experience to distill the most important points about each piece of your plan into an easy-to-follow format that offers everything you need to know without wasting your time. This quick-start guide can help new business owners or those considering entrepreneurship to feel empowered during the planning process.
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business-plan-anatomy-book Free Ebook: Business Plan Anatomy 101

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