Top 10 Ways To Show Your Products On A Crafts Fair

Featuring your work in a product booth at a local event such as an art and crafts fair or festival can be an effective way to get your feet wet as an entrepreneur. Many festival booths feature novel and interesting products, not just the classic crafts you may be thinking of. In many cases, an art fair booth or stall will likely be the first time a buyer sees your work, so it’s important to make a good impression and ensure that your display complements and showcases everything to its best advantage.

istockphoto 1048138196 170667aA well-organized setup with strong branding is key to catching the eye of potential customers and will help them remember you after the event is over.


You want your area to identify who you are and what you make or do. Be consistent throughout your display, coordinating everything in a way that leads back to the theme of your unique products. Using table coverings, labels, and packaging that are oriented to this idea will increase the effectiveness of your brand and contribute a professional feel to your overall business.

A multi-dimensional display, using props that put your products at different heights and positions, adds interest and will catch the attention of prospective purchasers, causing them to spend more time at your venue, instead of just glancing over everything and moving on.

Consider whether you want people to handle your products and either post signs or place your items in a manner that restricts access if you prefer them not to be handled. Remember that there will be people of all ages, including small children, at most of these kinds of events, and they will want to touch things.

If you are the maker of your products, this will be a definite sales asset, and you will want your customers to know immediately that these beautiful items were hand-made by you. Posting a notice in a prominent area of your booth, stating that you are the artist/ designer/maker will be a substantial sales booster.

Be prepared to visit with and explain your wares to your customers, as this will be a big part of your day at a craft show and can lead to increased present and future sales.

Adding a box to your venue, where visitors can leave information such as email addresses for the chance of winning a prize, can provide connections that lead to possible sales.

The crafts fair can be an interesting and cost-effective way to put yourself into the artistic marketplace and also is many times quite profitable and enjoyable.

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