things to know when building a website

We’re now well into 2018, and many small businesses still don’t have a website. Even though the first thing a lot of us do when we get to work is to turn on a computer, entrepreneurs around the country seem to put off building or paying someone to build that website. Here are some things to know when building a website.

Another surprise is that out of 1,000 small business owners that were asked, 37 percent said they get only one to five percent of their business from their websites.

Most small businesses aren’t going to get the bulk of business from their websites. But if a third of them are getting five percent or less from their websites, something’s not right. With over 97 percent of consumers searching online for products and services, even boomers, millennials, and Generation Z’s are more likely to check an app to purchase goods or services.

Most small business owners can use some help developing an effective website, whether you’re getting together a plan for expanding your business or creating a buzz as part of your business strategy planning. Even a simple website can generate business. You just need to know what’s important. To be sure you’ve got the basics covered for your website, here are things to know when building a website :

The most basic advice is, don’t forget the basics. Items such as an address, phone number, hours of operation, and a map to your location are the bones of any good website. An integral part of your website should also be testimonials. Folks just don’t seem to believe what we say about ourselves, sometimes. But they do believe what other people say about us. Even if you’ve got just one testimonial, put it up on your site.

Some of the not so obvious things to check are getting an easy to remember, easy to spell name. Avoid getting a .net or .biz website URL, even if you have to explore different names or spellings before you find a winner. Don’t let your web builder talk you into something you don’t feel perfect with.

Another important consideration is to make sure to have a “mobile-friendly” design. According to a recent study, more than 70 percent of small business websites aren’t mobile-friendly. With the bulk of traffic being acquired from mobile devices now, that’s especially disappointing news.

Making sure these e-commerce website essentials are included on your site should have you seeing more online sales. At the very least, now all the effort to get someone to your website won’t be wasted. You’ll have enough information available to change some visitors into customers.

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