How to survive short staffing

dealing with difficult co workerEvery so often — or more often than we’d like to admit — we have to work with someone we clash with. Not all personalities are compatible. Dealing with a difficult coworker can be a drag. It’s important to handle things correctly and know when someone goes from difficult to crossing a line.

Sometimes a difficult coworker is really just being misread. Someone who seems cold or harsh might not actually be that way. Some personalities taking some warming up to. Be sure to give people a chance before you decide to write them off.

If someone is actually difficult or has decided he or she doesn’t like you, the first thing you should do is examine how you’ve been treating them. Perhaps if you work on being friendlier, things will get better. This isn’t always the case, but being extra helpful and nice never hurts.

Sometimes someone can be outright hurtful for no reason. If this is the case, and you’ve tried everything to smooth things over, it may be time to talk to someone about it. It’s important to explore all the proper avenues to make the situation better. Revenge is never the right choice. If someone is being that unreasonable, it may be time to make a complaint or ask the appropriate HR person for advice.

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