Dairy Farmer and Cheese artisansIncreased interest in U.S. specialty cheeses produced from the milk of heritage breed cows is leading dairy farmers in the U.S. and Canada to now focus on the use of traditional livestock breeds for future milk production. Wise Business Plans, a leader in the global business planning industry, is offering the experience and expert market analysis necessary to assist dairy farmers and cheesemakers toward substantial earnings and business growth through the use of one-of-a-kind, individually prepared business plans and accompanying services.

Dairy farming business plan:

“Milk with a higher fat content better carries the rich flavor and exotic tastes of the specialty cheeses made from it, but it takes hard work and time to bring the final products to consumers,” said Joseph Ferriolo, Director of Wise Business Plans. “Having a plan in place that will guide and assist your efforts as you work to grow a Dairy farming business is one of the things that will make a real difference in long-term success.”

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“Our experienced team of writers and designers are eager to put forward the ideas and interests of our clients in order to guide them toward a stable, financially secure business life,” said Ferriolo.

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