Business owners looking to buy or sell a company may think they can skip the creation of a new or updated business plan. But that can be a critical misstep.

Looking to buy or sell a business, then what’s your plan?

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Guides for Buying or Selling Businesses:

“If you are looking to buying or selling a business, and you are asking yourself whether you really need to write or update a business plan, then you need to ask yourself some even more important questions,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise Business Plans, which provides individualized, custom-designed business plans for startups and expanding businesses. “If you’re looking to sell, you need to consider whether you’re really presenting your business in the best light without a clear road map showing the new owner that success is reachable.

“And if you’re looking to buy, well, you need to ask yourself who is going to be in control of the business: you or the previous owner. Without a plan that you have a hand in crafting, you are letting someone else drive your future.”

Steps for Buying or Sellings a business Successfully:

When considering the purchase of a business, Ferriolo said reviewing the company’s current plan to ensure it aligns with your expectations, goals, and acceptable risk levels is basic due diligence. This means a smart purchaser will want to see an up-to-date business plan before buying any company, so sellers should be prepared to produce one in buying or selling a business.

“A business plan is really a living document, evolving with the company. It’s more than just a way to secure funding — it’s the structural support for growth.” Without clear evidence of good planning, a business can — and often should — look like too much risk to a potential buyer, he said.

“The buying or selling a business is a big decision that can impact many lives,” Ferriolo said. “That’s the kind of decision where planning is more than a bonus — it is a non-negotiable requirement.”

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